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这里不止是您的停留之处,更是您的生活之处Marriott Executive Apartments Hangzhou这里,地处未来科技城EFC中心地带,地理位置优越,交通出行便利;这里,提供从开放式公寓至三卧室公寓多种不同房型,满足不同的居家和商旅出行需求;这里,有体贴入微的家政及个性化服务,为每位宾客提供家一般的温馨体验Strategically and conveniently situated in the center of the EFC, Marriott Executive Apartments offers upscale residences with your choice from studio to 3-bedroom. Experience a personalized service, an attentive housekeeping care, and a home away from home.Community社区概念及文化除此之外,生活在这里的人们也能时刻感受到酒店所提倡的社区概念和文化。杭州万豪行政公寓不定期举办总经理鸡尾酒会、瑜伽课,组织电影之夜、长住客外出活动、人才活动等为长住客人创造一个多元化的社交平台,鼓励每一个邻居彼此结识,更快更好地融入本地生活。Besides, we host events including cocktail nights, yoga classes, movie nights, outdoor activities, high level talent events and more to encourage residents to meet their neighbors and better adapt to the community.6月19日,我们携手哈雷戴维森杭州、Vespa杭州,为酒店的长住客人、公司客户、定向邀约嘉宾、媒体朋友以及本次活动邀请到的丽晶澳美贵宾臻享荟会员、杭州西顾视频科技有限公司特约嘉宾等来宾带来了一场寓见骑士的精彩主题活动。丽晶澳美贵宾臻享荟还为现场的来宾们送上特别入会礼遇。On June 19, 2020, together with Harley Davidson Hangzhou and Vespa Hangzhou, we hosted When Dreams Come True event for our long-stay guests, coporate guests, invited VIPs, media friends, and this time we also invited Oakmade club members and guests of Hangzhou FXG Video Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. Oakmade also offered special benefits for guests who enrolled in their program.Favourite Motors 寓见心爱的机车现场展出多款哈雷戴维森摩托车,粗犷、大气、沉稳,不禁让人心生向往An exhibition of Harley Davidson and Vespa motorcycles enabled our guests to have an unforgettable experience.vespa机车带着浓浓的浪漫意式风情闪亮登场,现场展出一台与奥黛丽赫本于1956年在电影《罗马假日》中骑的同款vespa 125型号机车,受到了很多女士的喜爱,大家纷纷打卡合影。Ladies at the event were crazy and screamed for the vintage motorcycle from Vespa which is the same as the one that Audrey Hepburn rode in the movie Roman HolidayVR ExperienceVR体验3D世界的速度与激情梅雨季的天气说变就变,虽然一场大雨未能让很多客人试驾摩托车,但是由杭州西顾视频科技有限公司为此次活动提前拍摄制作的VR体验片段,让现场的客人们体验了一把速度与激情。Though the rain stopped our trial riding session, guests were still able to experience speed and excitement with the assistance of VR technologyJumpstart Experience亲密接触 哈雷戴维森Jumpstart没有驾照?不会骑车?恐惧?Jumpstart解决了这些问题。在现场工作人员的协助下,骑上心爱的小摩托,发动、离合、换挡、刹车、油门等等,行驶过程中的每一个小动作、小细节你都能真实的体验,真切感受发动机的轰鸣声It does not matter at all if you would like to start the engine and feel the roaring of Harley Davidson motorcycles even though you do not have a motorcycle driving license. Jumpstart impressed all of us with our unique journey with Harley Davidson motorcycles.Themed Afternoon Tea Break主题下午茶歇玩累了,尽情享用酒店精心准备的主题下午茶。夏季时令饮品、缤纷开胃小食、精选系列意面、精致甜品说笑交谈之中,时间很快就过去了Our carefully prepared coffee breaks offer a variety of seasonal drinks, canapes, selected pastas and dedicated desserts that made the event more relaxed and remarkable.About Marriott Executive Apartments Hangzhou Events关于杭州万豪行政公寓举办的系列活动酒店不定期举办各种形式的活动,旨在丰富酒店客人的旅居生活,让大家能更好的结识彼此,快速融入在他乡的生活。The hotel hosts events in order to enrich the life for those who stay away from home, and better to know each other and feel part of the MEA family.目前活动仅限酒店长住客人、定向邀约客人。Themed events are only open to long-stay guests and guests invited.Long-stay Special Offer杭州万豪行政公寓长住方案即日起至2020年12月31日入住30天、90天及以上的客人可额外获得1000元至1500元不等的餐饮代金券等福利;入住180天及以上的客人更可额外获得万豪行政公寓品牌酒店的房券等福利(适用酒店敬请详询酒店销售部)详询 0571 - 8868 7999 转市场销售部This offer is valid until Dec 31, 2020Stay for 30 days, 90 days or more, guests will be awarded with FB voucher which valued from RMB 1,000 to RMB 1,500Stay for 180 days or more, guests will be awarded with one room voucher from one of the Marriott Executive Apartments in China (please refer to hotel Sales Marketing department for more info.)Please feel free to contact us at 0571 -8868 7999 to find out more offers.Themed Coffee Break主题茶歇方案我们可根据不同的场景、您的需求与喜爱,为您提供活动茶歇、开业茶歇、会议茶歇、欢迎茶歇、主题茶歇等包含:指定主题茶歇、各式主题软饮、酒精饮品、三明治及小食、精美甜品等人民币 88元/位起,30位起订。详询 0571 - 8935 5323We offer themed coffee break for occasions such as opening ceremony, meetings and conferences, and many other events starting from RMB 88/person with minimum 30 persons.Please feel free to contact us at 0571 - 8935 5323 to find out more offers.地址:杭州市余杭区未来科技城EFC3幢万创国际2楼杭州万豪行政公寓


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